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Scheduler Aranıyor



Turkey is a key market for Statkraft in hydropower generation and wholesale power trading. Statkraft has Hydro Power Plants already under construction as well as under operation.

We are now looking for a Scheduler to work in the construction team in Cetin Hydro Power Plant in Şirvan, Siirt. The Scheduler will report to the Project Controls Manager. The position is based at site.


The objective of the position is to ensure that project construction schedules are developed with high quality such that controlled and predictable on-time project delivery is achieved. In order to achieve this goal it will be necessary to work closely with the teams performing technical, permitting, environmental, social program and other planning teams; to ensure that Statkraft IH WBS template is utilized; to ensure ownership by project team to the schedules; to ensure that project team performs high quality schedule analysis, forecasting and re-baselining as required.


Implement high-quality project construction schedules

Take on direct assignment on project site to ensure that:

Statkraft’s methodologies and structure are adopted in the development of specific schedules

Schedules are robust and reflect the planned technology, execution strategy, detailed execution methodologies, permit and land acquisition requirements and social programs as relevant.

Ensure that the ownership and responsibility to achieve the planned activities of the schedule is distributed to the responsible members of the project organization.

Ensure required reporting requirements are met.

Ensure that appropriate analysis of data affecting the schedule and schedule analysis are performed such up to date forecasts and sensitivities are provided.


Follow-up projects and ensure effective schedule analyses and forecasting:

Ensure through direct participation, support and review and/or audits that the scheduling methodology is maintained throughout project execution. Especially, ensure high quality cost and schedule analysis and forecasting on a continuous basis.


Other duties and responsibilities:

Take role or do schedule estimations of new projects

Higher education within Civil Engineering or other relevant discipline.

Higher education or training in scheduling.

Professional experience:
More than 2 years’ experience of planning and project controls of large scale civil construction (motorway, hydropower, tunnel etc..) and / or energy sector projects.

Experience from one or several of the following areas would be beneficial: Project management, international work / assignment, hydro power design / construction, civil construction or contracting.

Other skills :

Excellent at structuring and systemizing information
Experience in MS Project or Primavera
Good written and verbal communication skills
Team player abilities
Fluent in English & Turkish
Knowledge of other languages advantageous

Statkraft offers:

• Professional and personal development in a company that is growing internationally
• A work environment that is committed to competence, responsibility and innovation
• Diversity with respect to age, gender and cultural background
• Competitive remunerations and benefits



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