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Project Manager Aranıyor

Project Manager ( Outside of Istanbul , in Turkey)

We require a project manager to take up a role on project in Turkey. The project manager shall report to the on-site Project Director and shall take on responsibility for the procurement and construction of several aspects of the project. The candidate should have demonstrable experience of undertaking the role of project manager  on previous hotel and resort projects. The requirements for the candidate are set out as below:

  • Day to day lead point of contact for the client on site
  • Establish key relationships with the client and other key stakeholders.
  • Develop team working ethos with client with detailed definition of roles and procedures.
  • Undertake strategic programming
  • Continually review the risk management analysis and manage that all significant project risks are registered, allocated to owners and that appropriate control measures are in place.
  • Prepare detailed project plan.
  • Set up regular and clear lines of communication to address issues, which may arise.
  • Set up and implement an integrated communication, monitoring and reporting system with feedback for early resolution of problems and identification of opportunities.
  • Provide change control procedure to maximum added value and minimize disruption to the project.
  • Identify critical success factors and KPI’s and feedback into monitoring and reporting systems
  • Endeavour, wherever possible, to resolve difficulties in non-adversarial manner.
  • Set up and chair regular site progress meetings and report on weekly project progress.
  • Manage that project programme is kept up to date.
  • Responsible for day to day interaction with the Contractor and representing Mace at site based meetings
  • Action incoming correspondence
  • Management & co-ordination of all Mace team activities as set out below; M&E Manager / Design manager / Quality Manager / Compliance Manager / Document control
  • Organisation of and chairing weekly progress & quality meetings
  • Initiation of value engineering exercises; management of meetings and output actions; carry out value engineering exercises during the design process to evaluate throughout the design process on alternate methods of construction, materials, systems with focus on Life Cycle costs, maintainability etc.
  • Lead in preparation of monthly report
  • Establish and monitor appropriate project operating procedures and systems, specifically ensuring management plan is being followed and adhered to.


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