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ELECTRICAL MANAGER Design/Construction Aranıyor

ELECTRICAL  MANAGER Design/Construction ( Outside of Istanbul , in Turkey)

  • The opportunity is to become part of Mace Turkey, working within a company that boast notable, major global projects.

The Role:

  • Reporting to the Project Director this role will be part of the management team in a client facing role.

Duties & Responsibilities (generally):

  • Responsible for the delivery and design supervision of all Electrical  packages of works on a resort hotel scheme
  • Working closely with the client, consultants and main contractors from pre-construction, through delivery on site to commissioning and handover to the hotel operators
  • Review overall project status with the Project Management, Project Controls and Commercial teams and recommend corrective action where necessary

Duties & Responsibilities (specifically):

  • Maintain knowledge of the overall construction processes and operating practices related to Electrical disciplines and ensure awareness of the suppliers and sub-contractors in the market.
  • Review and comment on Tender Documents (from an Electrical view) including Bills of Quantities, Value Engineering, queries and the like.
  • Review, Participate & Assist the Project Team in the preparation of robust and fit-for purpose tender documentation .
  • Review and comment on the Electrical/ MEP design including drawings and technical specifications.
  • Monitor & Coordinate all Electrical issues with counterparts from other Project parties including Design, Procurement and Installation of all Electrical  systems to ensure utmost integrity and functionality of all elements are duly maintained. Report to the Project Director accordingly.
  • Monitor the performance of the design consultant(s) and contractor(s) with regards to the Electrical aspect to ensure compliance with the relevant standards and specs. Oversee the issue of Non Conformance Notices for non-compliant installations
  • Review Electrical  aspects of contractors’ technical submittals and test reports in coordination with the relevant Consultants, and issue comments for compliance.
  • Identify and highlight problems in advance of impact on the works.
  • Assist the Project Director in preparing periodical reports and other reports with specific responsibility for preparation of those sections of project management reports related to the Electrical works.
  • Review, Participate & Assist the Project Team in value engineering exercises & in selecting proper constructability methods based on safe design and functionality.
  • Assist in processing payment applications and advise your Project Director & Commercial team of technical issues needed for variations, disputes, workmanship, work quality… etc.
  • Assist your Project Team by providing knowledge of the prevailing Electrical codes of practice, regulations, and specifications for the construction industry.
  • Interface/coordinate logistics & quality assurance with Project Team Companies.
  • Lead and minute scheduled Electrical design & progress meetings and attend all periodic project progress & technical meetings held with all relevant parties.
  • Monitor and periodically report on Electrical  design, installation and procurement progress
  • Review & comment on progress & other reports submitted by project parties.
  • Assist Project Team in following up with the Authorities to speed up the approval process and utility supplies
  • Monitor site inspection plans and approval process, and participate in the testing and commissioning process in coordination with the project leaders. Lead the coordination of Electrical commissioning activities with the Client, Engineering Department, Contractor and Design and Commissioning Engineers
  • Monitor the preparation of Electrical  record drawings and operating and maintenance manuals and propose corrective action to ensure these documents are fit for purpose prior to Project Handover

The Requirements

Qualifications/Experience required

Candidate must have:

  • BSc Electrical or equivalent Engineering degree.
  • Native Turkish Speaker and Excellent written and spoken English.
  • At least 10 years of relevant work experience, the last 5 of which are in a MEP management position or  Electrical position
  • A proven ability to review Electrical designs in a thorough manner to ensure that  Electrical systems perform in accordance with Client and associated engineering briefs.
  • An ability to work effectively within a team and to interface independently with equivalent Client and Contractor counterparts
  • Ability to execute full scope of job description on standalone basis with limited support from the Project Director

The ideal candidate will also have:

  • Electrical / MEP  Experience
  • Experience working within a Project Management Company and experience with project management processes



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