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Electrical Design/Works Manager

  • Take responsibility for leading management and co-ordination Mechanical and Electrical services from the Client side.
  • Co-ordinate that the project is designed in accordance with standards agreed with the client and delivered within agreed procedures.
  • To interpret briefs and manage and co-ordinate the preparation of feasibility studies and design schemes for agreement with the client.
  • To brief and monitor the work of design professionals in order to co-ordinate specialist work successfully into the project.
  • Initiation of value engineering exercises relating to Electrical design solutions; carry out value engineering exercises during the design process to evaluate throughout the design process on alternate methods of construction, materials, systems with focus on Life Cycle costs, maintainability etc.
  • In conjunction with the Client team negotiate with outside authorities in the interpretation and application of statutory regulations to ensure that the completed project complies with current building legislation.
  • Review & comment on shop drawings prepared by Contractor(s) for compliance with contract specification and standards
  • Carry out site inspections to check of the work of contractors on site against the standards and quality required by the specifications.
  • To offer professional advice to client departments (or other client bodies) to exploit the most effective potential use of clients buildings and other portfolios.


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