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Commercial Manager Aranıyor

Project Roles & Responsibilities





Commercial Manager




Purpose of Role:


To provide overall commercial support to the Project Manager and lead the contract administration of the Contracts placed within a project and overall cost reporting back to programme level.






Key Deliverables:


  • Ensure compliance and consistency in the use of key commercial procedures and contract administration of the contractors
  • Manage the Change Control and Change Management process at project level and support same at Programme level. Monitor expenditure of contingency funds.
  • Ensure project is working within governance rules and their delegated levels of authority.
  • Provide accurate and timely cost and value information to the leadership team and project controls via monthly cost reports
  • Active involvement in risk management.
  • Analysis of performance measurement data
  • Set and monitor KPI’s
  • Manage insurance claim



Skills, Knowledge and Experience:


  • Commercial management of large projects
  • Managing a team of QS’s
  • Commercial reporting to Clients
  • Communication verbal and written
  • Financial and commercially acumen
  • Analytical and numerate
  • Collaborative team working capability
  • Influencing and negotiating skills
  • Customer Focus
  • Drive & Decisiveness
  • Judgement
  • Learning & developing others
  • Facilitation
  • IT Literate – Including ability to learn & use in-house applications






Line Manager:




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