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Project Controller (Siirt)

  • Masters degree in business administartion,economics or engineering
  • At least 5 years experience and responsibilities in project control
  • Experience in cost and time management in larger construction projects
  • Familiar with one or more planning systems like MS Project, Prima Vera, Adrega
  • Familiar with cost management systems as PIMS, ISY or similar
  • Familiar with cost estimation and risk analysis / management in projects
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Fluent in English and Turkish, both oral and in writing
  • Team player with international experience and high integrity and ethical standard
  • Independent, self propelled – a person who can follow up and deliver on time according to set standards

The position will be hired for Çetin Hydro Power Plant Project (HPP), located on Botan River near Pervari – Siirt with a planned capacity of 517 MW. This is a project position for 3-4 years.

This position will report to the Project Director.

  • Develop, improve, maintain and control the Cetin HPP on time and costs
  • Deliver applicable / relevant project reports on time and best practice according to Statkraft standards

Statkraft offers:

  • Professional and personal development in a company experiencing strong growth
  • A positive working environment characterized by competence, responsibility and innovation
  • A diverse workplace with regard to gender, age and cultural background
  • Competitive terms of employment and benefit schemes

Applications must be in English.


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